Black White Nothing Black White by Karen Bleitz provides us with the fundaments of book and language-making: the formation of shape above a different coloured background. In responding to the basic urge to create we first need to source the basic materials of composition. The nothing (the ‘o’ in the word reminiscent of void or the full-circle of life) exists before and after: the caesura shapes the impact of letterpress or pen. When children are taught to write they learn to pace out their words with fingerspaces. Although those fingerspaces exist as a blank on the page these are also the points at which the body has touched the page: where being and expression have crossed. With powerful simplicity this book takes us into the plexus of reading, printing and being.” Chris McCabe from arc:UNBOUND

Artist book. 16 pp. 5 x 7 inches in an edition of 10 copies. Pencil, inkjet-printed paper with pages dipped in or branded by wax. Karen Bleitz, 2000